Wikidata project

An essential component of our project from the outset was the importance of creating permanent entries for each of the persons who were killed by police in Cape Town during the 1976 youth uprisings. In line with other work done by Black Lives Matter projects, we felt it was important to add the relatively unknown names of those killed to Wikidata.

An added benefit for our team was the chance to explore the use of Wikidata for archival collections. In order to add the names of individuals and relate them to the artwork, we first needed to create entries for Gavin Younge (the artist) and the exhibit itself. Please explore the Story Map below for a detailed exploration into what it took to add all these entities into Wikidata.

Use the scroll bar to the right of the Story Map created by Laura Wilsey to navigate through the display or go to the dedicated website for a more complete experience.