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Suzanne Lacy

Interview with Suzanne Lacy, 1990 May 9 and 1990
Interview with Judith Baca and Suzanne Lacy, 2004 July 7

Suzanne Lacy (b. 1945) is an activist and performance artist whose work includes installations, videos and large-scale performances on social themes and urban issues. She often collaborates with other artists to produce works about women’s issues. Her first large-scale public work, Three Weeks in May(1977), dramatized the high incidence of rape in Los Angeles. One of her best-known works to date is The Crystal Quilt (Minneapolis, 1987) a performance which included 430 older women and aired live on PBS. She is currently the Chair of Fine Arts at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.


Suzanne Lacy, She Who Would Fly, in the context of Three Weeks in May. Performed in Los Angeles, 1977. Photo by Raul Vega.

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