From Stanford's founding to today, women have played an instrumental role in the success and growth of the university. This exhibit documents the history of women at Stanford, including collections of various administrators, faculty members, and research centers, as well as materials documenting students and student life, athletics, and activism. Explore our curated features, browse a variety of archival resources, and delve into the history of Women at Stanford and key campus resources like the Women's Community Center (WCC). Ranging from confronting sex bias to hosting a conference on femicide, establishing the Center for Research on Women to heralding the Women's March, the Stanford community possesses a rich and deep history bending the arc of women's rights towards justice and opportunity.

Women's Basketball
Jane Lathrop Stanford
Stanford Students for Estelle Freedman
The First Women's suffrage Picket Line-College Day in the picket line
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations