How to search the documents

All documents have been organized into browse categories and grouped according to Tribunal venue, but it is also possible to search the full text across all documents and to search within individual documents inside the viewer. The screenshots below step through basic search, search across and search within. A video demonstration of both search within and across is at the bottom of this page. The U.S. Army Courts collections are, due to their complexity, accompanied by a comprehensive finding guide to aid readers and researchers.

Using search

Click on the search icon to display search facets

Search facets

Use the facets on the left to narrow your search

Fielded search

Alternatively, click on the fielded search box to the left of the main search box, to narrow the options according to pre-selected categories

Search across exhibit documents

The search page will give you sample matches for every document that matches your search. This example search for 'militia' returns 170 matching documents and provides example hits within each document.

Search within exhibit documents

Click on Search for "militia" in document text to open the document viewer with the search term highlighted within the text.

Find results of your search in the volume within the viewer

After you have selected a document, you can opt to search for your search term within the pages of the document. You can do this either on the front page of the document or, once you open the document, via the search tool represented by a magnifying glass on the left-hand side of the document.

Once you have opened a document, look to its top right-hand corner. Clicking on the three symbols there will allow you to, from left-to-right, choose how many pages to view at a time (one, two, or all), download documents, or view documents in full screen mode.

At the bottom of the document there will be (plus) and (minus) signs to increase and decrease the size of the page, respectively, and (forward) and (backward) signs to move forward and backward through the page.

Video demonstration of search across and within