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Welcome to Virtual Tribunals. The purpose of this program is to compile a comprehensive database of international criminal tribunal records, from post-World War II cases through to contemporary tribunals, fully digitized and rendered searchable through a single online portal.

Currently available through the Virtual Tribunals initiative are the following collections:

The full record of the IMT, including audio and digitized film, may be found by visiting our platform for display of archival collections. The Taube Archive of the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg, 1945-46 archival collection incorporates approximately 250,000 pages of digitized paper documents, a full set of audio recordings of the proceedings, as well as evidentiary films, and is hosted on ArcLight collection display and discovery software. Stanford University Libraries is the digital repository responsible for digital preservation of the collection.

Access and preservation of the archive of the IMT is made possible by the International Court of Justice, and enabled by the generous support of the Taube Philanthropies. Access and preservation of the U.S. Army Courts collections is made possible by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the designated repository of the records.

Follow the links below to read more about the IMT, the U.S. Army Courts, Europe, the U.S. Army Courts, Asia-Pacific, and the SPSC. Alternatively use the search box above and the browse facets to the left to begin exploring the materials across all collections at once. See the How to Search the Collections page for tips on searching using keywords and facets, and how to search across all collections. The U.S. Army Courts collections are, due to their complexity, accompanied by comprehensive finding guides to aid readers and researchers.

Content Warning

Users are advised that material in Virtual Tribunals' collections contain language and imagery depicting human rights violations, ethnic cleansing, acts of genocide, wartime violence, and offensive stereotypes of people and cultures. Stanford Libraries makes this material available to facilitate scholarly research and education, and does not endorse the criminal ideologies and actions herein.

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