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Views: Portraying Place and Space 2nd Exhibit from the David Rumsey Map Center, January 22 - August 31, 2017


Picture of Organized Nature as Extending over the Earth, Charles Smith, 1828

This exhibit is the Center's second exhibit is on Views: Portraying Place and Space, and will run through August 31, 2017. A synopsis of the exhibit is available on the home page. Many thanks to David Rumsey, Julie Sweetkind-Singer and Emily Prince who each helped in significant ways to but this exhibit together.

The Center has built in exhibit spaces that are designed to hold both flat or bound objects; the spaces are also designed for a quick turnover of exhibit pieces. We expect to have two exhibits a year and themes will reflect other events that will be occurring in the Center. The next exhibit will reflect geographic areas or work done by the speakers of the First Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography, slated for October 19-21, 2017 this year.