Library (1905), Stanford University, ca. 1905
Memorial Church, Stanford University, 1911
Revised floor plan of Hanna House showing change in terraces; dated and initialed by FLW
[Hoover Tower in Comparison to Other Towers.]
Administration building and assembly hall, Stanford University, 1899

Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings of Stanford and Palo Alto buildings.

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Stanford University by Arthur Lites
Stanford University Maps - Map of the Leland Stanford Junior University and surroundings at Palo Alto, California.  H.B. Shackelford, chief engineer
Stanford University by Edward M. Farmer
Draft Land Use Plan, Central Campus, 1980-2010, 1980
Land Use Policy/Plan [from Livingston & Blayney study]. Color coded map of land uses for entire University acreage


Maps of Stanford lands and associated holdings.

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Aerial Photos

Aerial photographs of the Stanford campus.

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Toyon Hall, exterior. Color print of a sketch mounted on board
The Leland Stanford Junior University; Plan of Central Premises, 1888
Drawing, approximately 1901; architect with Shepley, Rutan and Coolige. (Inner Quad)
The Leland Stanford Junior University now in the course of completion. ..issued with the Christmas number, San Francisco News Letter, 1887
Plan for whole university differing from plan of Olmsted


Prints of the Stanford campus.

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