Additional Japanese maps

Maps of Tokyo can be found in a variety of locations within Stanford Libraries. A keyword search for "Tokyo" in SearchWorks, the university catalog, will fetch many results, including digitized maps viewable online. Maps of Tokyo can also be found in EarthWorks, Stanford's online search tool for geographic information systems (GIS), maps, and other geographic datasets. In addition, Stanford offers an array of curated collections, exhibits, and academic topic guides all including maps of Tokyo over time.

Japan. Copyright 1892 by Appleton & Co. (insets) Kurile Islands; Tokyo. (to
            accompany) The Library Atlas Of Modern Geography ... New York, D. Appleton And Company
            1892. (on upper margin) Japan 36

One Japanese map collection is Travel Through Time: Japan, located at the East Asia Library, and also viewable virtually as an online exhibit here.

Another exhibit - curated by the David Rumsey Map Center - is Views: Portraying Place and Space, featuring Japanese Views.

Topic guides include Japanese Maps, which provides a brief history on cartography in Japan.