This exhibit features maps of Tokyo from the Stanford Libraries. It was created for the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo, 2019 in order to share historical maps of the area with attendees. The maps span 1832 to 1946, showing over a century of change. Included are georeferenced maps, which overlay old maps onto current geographic imagery.

Bunsei kaisei Oedo ōezu : zen

The oldest map featured here dates from 1832

Tokyo and vicinity, showing bombed-out areas

The newest map here dates from 1946


Credit is due to the team who has made this exhibit possible: Japanese Studies Librarian Regan Murphy Kao, Japanese Technical Services Librarian Mieko Mazza, Metadata Librarian Kim Durante, Cartographic Technology Specialist Deardra Fuzzell, Lead Photographer Wayne Vanderkuil, Digitization Lab Assistant Meagan Trott, and Assistant Map Cataloger Brynn Cramer.