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Travel Through Time: Japan Travel-related ephemera from the 17th through the early 20th century.


Kanpeisha Kamado Jinja chikei

I hope that this collection has helped viewers "travel through time" to explore travel in Japan from the Edo through the Taisho periods. It has been a pleasure developing the collection, overseeing its digitization, and crafting this exhibit!

Please allow me to acknowledge the many people who contributed to this project, including Michiyo Arita, Cathy Aster, Elizabeth Boyne, Ih-hae Chang, Doris Cheung, Kim Durante, Arcadia Falcone, Debra Fox, Yumi Igarashi, Mieko Mazza, Elizabeth Ryan, Kristen St. John, Nicholas Taylor, Wayne Vanderkuil, and all the others who supported this work. I am grateful to the many experts at the Stanford University Libraries, especially those in the Metadata department, the Preservation department, the East Asia Library, and Digital Library Systems and Services.