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Sunset Magazine A recreation of Stanford Libraries' 1998 website


In its first three decades, Sunset Magazine boasted a gallery of prominent contributors, some of whom were also the subject of biographical pieces.

Left: Jack London, both a contributor of stories and essays and himself the subject of articles. May 1907, p. 7. (photo: Arnold Genthe)

Center: “Herbert Hoover, the Far Western engineer who served in Europe as the economic director for the Supreme War Council and who has come home convinced about the Treaty and the League.” Not yet president, Stanford alumnus Hoover was both author and topic in the pages of Sunset. November 1919, p. 15.

Right: “Two famous nature-lovers and authors in a California garden­John Muir (by the fern) and John Burroughs. Muir, ‘Psalmist of the Sierra,’ was a pioneer in Yosemite Valley where he once tended flocks of sheep, discovered scores of living glaciers and helped create the Park. Muir Glacier in Alaska is also one of his famous ‘finds.’” August 1914, p. 356. (photo: King)

Left: Joaquin Miller, Western Romantic, at Fremont Park. February 1902, p. 164.

Center: “Monitoring the progress of our birthday report, from left to right, are Bill Lane, Ken Cooperrider, and Proctor Mellquist.” Senior staff show hands-on managerial style preparing 80th Anniversary issue. May 1978, p. 4.

Right: Stanford University president David Starr Jordan, contributor to the early Sunset. December 1902, p.103. (photo: Vaughan & Keith)

“With more than 1,000 completed designs, perhaps the most influential popularizer of the Western ranch house is designer Cliff May. His first book on the subject, coauthored with Sunset editors in 1945, sold more than 50,000 copies.” August 1988, p. 144. (photo: Chad Slattery)