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Stanford University

There was never any doubt that Stanford University was Sunset’s favorite temple of learning; the links between them were numerous and profound, as discussed in the essays. This became less visible over time, but persists to the present.

Panorama of the early Stanford campus. May 1899, p. 23.

Left: “Looking from an archway into the quad, showing artistic adaptation of mission architecture.” Part cloister, part varsity quad, part SP station: It could only be Stanford University. December 1902, p. 94. (photo: Donaggho)

Right: Memorial Church, Stanford University, “a marvel of architectural beauty.” Survivor (barely) of two major quakes since this photo, it is an enduring and peaceful highlight of the campus and region. December 1902, p. 95.

Left: Campus scene, Stanford. May 1899, p. 23.

Center: “Two great universities” ­Stanford and University of California, Berkeley, twin beacons of enlightenment in the Bay Area, shown in a montage-type layout typical of the time. May 1899, p. 10.

Right: The university as high-tech incubator: the Stanford Linear Accelerator - May 1978, p. 328. (photo: Glenn Christiansen)