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While almost every conceivable kind of outdoor recreation and sport has appeared on the pages of Sunset throughout its history, both the magazine’s editors and its readers seemed to have favored those activities that involved water -- in one form or another.

Left: “A pair of river-runners wait in an eddy for companions to run Black Rock Rapid.” Vigorous outdoor recreation under the Western sky (maybe under Western water as well). March 1997, p. 38. (photo: Drew Thale)

Center: “Surprised diver gets a friendly pat from a curious sea otter” in Monterey Bay. November 1984, p. 92.

Right: Sunset has always drawn attention to Hawaii and the Pacific islands, as in this July 1916 cover.

Left: Winter sports were available, if not as highly developed as nowadays. December 1934, p. 47. (Photograph by Ansel Adams. Copyright © 1998 by the Trustees of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. All Rights Reserved.)

Center: “Lone skier skims past snow-plastered firs and grand vistas down open slopes of 10,450-foot Rendezvous Mountain.” Prime Western skiing. February 1978, p. 38.(photo: Keith Gunnar)

Right: “Taos ski instructors teach their students how to be as well as how to ski.” December 1997, p. 30. (photo: Ken Gallard)

Left: “Black Sea Bass (weight, 370 lbs.) caught by T. S. Manning on rod and reel.” Might this be a subtle inducement for sportsmen to visit the West? January 1901, p. 77.

Center: Glacier National Park, part of a vast and expanding system dedicated to protection and enjoyment of the sportsman’s paradise. June 1958, p. 65.

Right: “Starry flounder was taken in about 12 feet of water near pier’s end. Jackets keep out the chilly bay winds.” Point Pinole, California. March 1978, p. 54. (photo: David Stubbs)

Left: “Pedestal Rock and soaring cliffs dwarf horsemen in the middle fork of The Maze.” In terms of iconography as well as geology, it doesn’t get any more Western than this. October 1968, p. 30. (photo: Philip Hyde)

Right: “The lip of the fall,” Yosemite. May 1900, p. 24. (photo: Tibbitts)

Left: “Platform intrudes very little on the forest. It easily accommodated this group of seven -- including a baby in arms -- when lunch was served. Steps go up on the other side.” One way to return to nature, recreating the family home in the woods - July 1968, p. 67.

Right: September 1934 cover (Illus.Maynard Dixon)