The domestic kitchen has evolved dramatically in the twentieth-century. In the West Sunset documented, and influenced, that change in equipment, layout, decor, and its relationship to family life.

Modern cooking range

“Hungry youngsters like to linger around the huge brick chimney into which is recessed a modern range. Here the gifted Caroline daily performs her mysterious culinary rites” in obeisance to the new emphasis on the home and kitchen. February 1929, p. 17.

Kitchen interior details
Electric refrigerator
Oven regulator
Kitchen interior

Left: Photographic treatment verging on the abstract: interior details. March 1997, p. 112. (photo: John Sutton)

Center photos: “The oven regulator will watch your baked foods and the electric refrigerator will take care of desserts and salads.” February 1929, p. 37.

Right: “Warm wood tones complement the concrete counter.” Sunset kitchens evolve continuously. February 1997. (photo: Gary Parker)

General electric refrigerator
Illustration of kitchen interior

Left: Preparing for a weekend of entertaining: “How the refrigerator looked Friday afternoon. General Electric refrigerator from Hickey’s Home Appliance Shop, Oakland.” March 1938, p. 32. (photo Moulin)

Right: A well-appointed kitchen for its time. May 1938, p. 35.