Sunset’s interest in home interiors coincides with its interest in architecture, family life and do-it-yourself projects. A constant theme throughout the history of the magazine has been the blending of the exterior landscape with the interior landscape.

Kitchen interior
Ranch house interior
Interior with bunk bed

Left: “Dinning area and kitchen were reversed in remodeling; windows replaced walls so one can enjoy the garden view all year round.” Kitchen, garden, remodeling themes combine, bathed in Western sunlight. October 1968, p. 93.

Center: “Ranch-house interiors should have no style but your way of living.” Never force a decorating scheme or theme on a way of life; decorating ideas are for do-it-yourself mix-and-match. November 1946, p. 26.

Right: “Cabin-like bunk is suspended a foot above floor; it has a drawer bed with foam mattress, other drawers for clothing.” Space saving and creative storage are characteristic of Sunset home improvement ideas. October 1968, p. 104.

Windows of corner bedroom
Modern interior with shoji screens

Left: “Bedroom corner adjoins stake-covered porch for orchid growing.” Ever promoting a discourse between interior and exterior. November 1946, p. 26.

Right: Touches of Mondrian and traditional Japanese shoji in a stark and dramatic modern interior. August 1938, p. 14. (photo: Dapprich)

Mountain home interior
Ranch house interior with skylight
Apartment interior with fireplace

Left: “Lake Arrowhead, the green of pine trees, the changing moods of sky, are all part of the living room in this mountain home.” The quintessential Sunset home, reveling in an easy intimacy with the Western landscape, complete with “large sliding door.” January 1958, p. 42.

Center: “Open living room through glass wall and up to sky through skylight, this house shows that ranch house can be airily and freely spacious and yet keep its character.” Variants on the archetypical ranch house. February 1958, p. 58.

Right: City living in a studio apartment, “just above the broom factory. A large, sheet-metal hood makes the fireplace into an exceptionally efficient heater.” May 1938, p. 29.