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Since 1929, when the Lane family acquired Sunset Magazine, families have been the unifying editorial thread to Sunset coverage. Moms, dads, and their children have been the subject or background for a myriad of illustrations, covers and articles.

Left: “Face-mounted outdoor easel makes for easy cleanup.” April 1990, p.125. (photo: Peter O. Whiteley)

Right: “No wonder Mr. Gabrielson is such a smart gardener. When he’s away from home working for Uncle Sam in the Department of Agriculture, his ‘assistants’ carry on his garden experiments.” May 1930, p. 16.

Left: “This young daughter is already an active kitchen participant.” January 1997, p. 102. (photo: Michael Johnson)

Right: “Baby naps while parents and friend enjoy lunch among boulders along glacier-fed White River.” May 1978, p. 33. (photo: Kieth Gunnar)

Left: 1956 June cover

Right: 1994 April cover “Spring Nursery Shopping in Half Moon Bay”