Events & Cultural Travel

As part of its practical orientation, Sunset offers a plethora of suggestions about interesting events and cultural phenomena to visit throughout the West -- musical and dramatic performances, harvest festivals, pow-wows, rodeos, ethnic fairs and exhibitions, museum exhibits (indoors or out), historical relics and re-enactments -- all part of the limitless opportunities of the Western experience.

Pendleton Roundup
Step dancers

Left: “These and 1,998 more Indians will be part of the spectacle and show at the 4-star annual Pendleton Roundup to be held this year on September 15, 16, and 17, at Pendleton, Oregon.” The West’s Native American heritage (howsoever altered by 19th Century devastation) was visible -- and visitable -- throughout the 20th Century - September 1938, p. 9.

Right: “Step dancers perform at Golden Gate Park this month.” Holiday theme combines with domestic travel idea: San Francisco on St. Pat’s. March 1978, p. 88. (photo: Peter O. Whiteley)

Pipe organist
Father O'Keefe at San Luis Rey

Left: A very specialized example of cultural travel: the pipe organ tour. February 1978, p. 75.

Right: “Father O’Keefe at San Luis Rey, 1898.” Not perhaps a hispanic name, but certainly intended to evoke a picturesque notion of the Spanish mission as tourist attraction - October 1899, p. 174.

Bull-riding champion Amy Iverson
Fiesta dancers

Left: “All she has to do is stay with this 2,000-pound bucking bull for 6 seconds. Rider is Amy Iverson, Byers, Colorado, 1976 bull-riding champion who still competes in this rough category.” Of Westerners, for Westerners, by Westerners, male and female. June 1978, p. 85. (photo: Sue Levy)

Right: “Fiesta dancers. In Old Mexico costume, they’re giving a special performance at the mission church of Tumacacori, now a national monument, south of Tucson.” Exotic color, right here in the U.S. February 1978, p. 77. (photo: Don Normark)