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Sunset Magazine A recreation of Stanford Libraries' 1998 website


For 70 years, Sunset has emphasized “how-to-do-it” in its approach to all subjects, from travel to remodeling to holiday decorations, and its approach to graphics has reflected this orientation. A strange and wonderful collection of crafts, hobbies, and workshop projects have appeared throughout the years, including the following.

Left: One way to house back issues of Sunset: book shelves and similar storage ideas are frequent topics for home improvement - March 1978, p. 144. (photo: David Stubbs)

Center: How-to-do-it, step by step: setting up the station wagon “tail-gate kitchen,” travel and food interests conjoined in the affordable family outing. January 1958, p. 26. (photo: Clyde Childress)

Right: “This ‘tool box’ keeps everything together, handy and ready, for wrapping presents.” November 1968, p. 158. (photo: Darrow M. Watt)

Left: Responding to the oil crisis of the mid-1970s, readers take to solid fuel, and Sunset is there to help with how-to-do-it firewood storage ideas - March 1978 p. 113.

Center: Above: “When the 10 pairs of wheels are piled in a pyramid, the levels rotate in opposite directions. Stretched out as at right, the toy slithers upstairs.” Many workshop projects focus on things for children. March 1978, p. 122. (photo: Peter O. Whiteley)

Right: A practical, affordable, do-able, space- saving home improvement project suited the times. July 1938, p. 40. (credit: Hi Sibley)

Left: Patios & Decks. Sunset book cover.

Center: “An array of food gifts and containers” convey thoughts of holiday gift-giving, pride in the results of one’s own efforts: practical, thoughtful, attractive, and tasty. December 1968, p. 70. (photo: Ernest Braun)

Right: 1993 May, cover (photo:Norman A. Plate)