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The early Sunset was bullish on Western commerce, agriculture, transportation, and industry. Whether to promote a land of limitless opportunity or to investigate issues of the day, Sunset tells us much about the economic West of the early century.

Left: “A feature of the wine industry” long before Prohibition. February 1900, p. 152.

Center: “Wouldn’t she make a fine figure as a major of a Battalion of Death!” Far from the battlefield, WWI ushered changes in Western culture, economics, and attitude. February 1918, p. 7.

Right: “Fresh catch is hoisted ashore Eureka, center of California’s crab-fishing industry.” Regional favorites. March 1978, p. 264.(photo: Richard A. Duning)

Left: April 1935 cover

Right: All that is mined is not gold; the salt industry. July 1900, p. 137.

Left: “Old and young, grave and gay work side by side.” Then as now, agriculture was highly labor-intensive, especially at harvest time. January 1904, p. 242.

Right: “They are young Americans though married eleven years, city dwellers until a year ago and never out of debt. For a year they have followed the fruit in their own automobile, earning ten dollars for every day in the year and spending two and a half. They are out of debt and planning to buy a ranch of their own.” December 1920, p. 28.