Sunset’s vision of Western entertaining and outdoor living is reflected in extensive illustration of barbecues, patio dining, and outdoor fireplaces.

Illustration of outdoor cooking scene

Men take over the cooking in the outdoor living space, perfect for hospitality. May 1948, p. 25.

Barbecue grill
Outdoor living room

Left: “After use, the portable grill is rolled out, and open fire built in adobe brick recess ... Carmel Valley, California.” One of a hundred variants on the barbecue theme. May 1948, p. 36. (photo: Morley Baer)

Right: Outdoor living room in Sacramento, California, echoes many recurring features of the Western lifestyle as delineated by Sunset. June 1938, p. 24.

Sunset Magazine cover. April 1946
Illustration of outdoor grill

Left: This April, 1946 cover shows an outdoor fireplace and picnic area overlooking the Pacific, a windy version of the Sunset idyll. (photo: Sam Oppee)

Center: Illustration of outdoor grill.

Right: "Barbeque" Sunset book cover.

Grilling Mexican food
Sunset Magazine cover. July 1979

Left: “Thin slivers of choice beef and pork precooked, chile-spiced chorizo sausages cook quickly, smokelessly on clay brasero to make Mexican specialty called carne asada. Butter-fried bananas, sauteed green peppers, savory relishes complete main course.” Looks like a party, centered around a Mexican cousin of the barbecue - October 1968, p. 81. (photo: Glenn Christiansen)

Right: July 1979 cover