When the original web site for Sunset Magazine was created by Stanford Libraries in 1998, it included a searchable interface to the bibliography. The bibliographic work is outlined in detail in the essay by University Librarian Michael A. Keller. In recreating the original website on this platform, we consciously chose to preserve the bibliographic data in the Stanford Digital Repository, and make it available for download. In this era of data manipulation and transformation, we recognize that the greatest openness and flexibility we can provide is by sharing the data, so that it can be manipulated by users to best suit their specific research purposes.

The Sunset Bibliography is a selective bibliography of over 9,400 Sunset Magazine articles and over 900 Sunset books, searchable by title, author (if applicable), date, topic, and also by issue and pagination for the magazine articles. Each bibliographic entry is assigned a 'REF' number that is referenced by the index of topics and names.

This downloadable resource derives from table data in a relational database used in an online exhibition published in 1998, that coincided with a print publication celebrating 100 years of Sunset. Please note the reference numbers assigned to each article and book in this resource are not identical to the numbers assigned in the print version.


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