Student amusements -- 1891-1918
Beta Theta Pi -- 1930s, 1936, beer bust
South Africa divestment protest
Army Specialized Training Program, electronics display
Japanese Students Association
Students -- quad poses -- 1950s
Student demonstrations

Student Life: Decade by Decade

A history of student life on the Farm decade by decade beginning with the Pioneer Class. Browse Gallery.

Plug Ugly
Rough's Day
Overseas campuses
Student demonstrations -- April Third Movement -- 1969 -- SRI
Student demonstrations -- Black Student Union
Overseas campuses

Student Life: Special Topics

A history of specific topics central to the Stanford student experience: Traditions, Activism, Housing, and Overseas Study. Browse Gallery.

Athletics -- football -- Big Game -- action shots, 1892
Athletics -- track -- action shots
Athletics -- track -- individuals, discus, Bob Mathias
Athletics -- track -- action shots, pole vault, 1937, Vic Boore
Athletics -- football -- Rose Bowl -- 1971, Jim Plunkett #16
Women's Basketball

Stanford Athletic Firsts

Notable firsts in Stanford athletics history. Browse Gallery.

Band, Stanford
Athletics -- football -- Rose Bowl -- 1971
Band, Stanford
Band, Stanford
Band, Stanford -- Big Game
Band, Stanford
Band, Stanford

Incomparable: The Stanford Band

A history of the Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and Dollies. Browse gallery.

Athletics -- football -- coaches, Walter Camp
Varian, Hansen
Hewlett, William R
Sally Ride
Eadweard Muybridge photograph collection, 1868-1929
Nobel laureates

Stanford Innovators

A history of innovators at Stanford. Browse Gallery.

Land Use Policy/Plan [from Livingston & Blayney study]. Color coded map of land uses for entire University acreage
Stanford University by Arthur Lites
Stanford University by Edward M. Farmer
Draft Land Use Plan, Central Campus, 1980-2010, 1980
Proposed Road System and Proposed Intent of Land Uses, Inner Campus, 1965
Location Map of proposed Searsville Addition to Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Lands of Leland Stanford Junior University, 1976

Stanford Lands

A history of the Stanford lands. Browse Gallery.