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Incomparable: The Stanford Band

LSJUMB 101: 50 Years of the Stanford Band

Since the mid-1960s, one of the most distinctive aspects of student life at Stanford and most visible features of the university’s on-campus culture has been The Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band. This panel presentation addresses the genesis and development of the Band as we know it today, beginning with the “Band Strike” in 1963. The discussion is moderated by John Mannion, ’89, and features Dr. Arthur P. Barnes, emeritus professor of music and the Band’s director when it created its unique performance style. Other panelists include Frank Robertson, ’65; Dr. David Ruiz, ’73; Jacki Williams-Jones, ’76, A.M. ’77; and Patrick Neschleba, ’96, M.S. ’98.