Sandstone & Tile

Sandstone & Tile originally appeared as the Stanford Historical Society Newsletter that was first published in April, 1976, three months after the founding of the society. In the second year, the newsletter’s founding editor, Peter C. Allen, launched an annual feature issue, naming it Sandstone & Tile. In 1985, the newsletter was permanently renamed Sandstone & Tile by co-editors Karen Bartholomew and Roxanne Nilan. The journal reported on what was happening in the university and published research articles on various aspects of Stanford history, in addition to serving as a chronicle of the history of the society.

Three handsomely printed and illustrated issues are published each year. A copy of each issue is mailed to all members of the society as a membership benefit. Digital copies of past issues are available via this exhibit.

All issue are available for full-text search and downloading via the icons and sidebar in the viewer. Watch this video tutorial for a demonstration of how to search both within a single issue or across all issues in the collection.

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