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The Stanford Historical Society sponsors public presentations and events throughout the academic year. Past programs address important topics including Stanford’s relationship with the Silicon Valley, the Stanford peace movement, the Stanford Prison Experiment, the land use and social history of the Searsville area, and the history of women at Stanford. Program recordings are deposited into the archives and made available via this exhibit periodically. For the most recent programs, please visit the society's website. Captioned videos are available on the society's YouTube channel.

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Who Killed Jane Stanford?

Jane Stanford, the wife of Leland Stanford and one of the richest women in California, was the co-founder of Leland Stanford Jr. University, which was a monument to their dead son. In 1905 she ingested strychnine twice within six weeks. The second dose at the Moana Hotel in Hawaii, where she had gone to flee her attacker, killed her.

In his talk, Richard White, author and the Margaret Byrne Professor of American History, Emeritus, discusses the reasons why so many people had a reason to kill Jane Stanford, how Gilded Age Stanford and San Francisco allowed the investigation of the murder to be dropped, and why the murder was covered up.

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