- John F. Matthews II

John Matthews


Long term values are hardly in vogue these days, but I have a nominee: John Matthews, my friend of 65 years. He is a bulldog in his loyal, long-term dedication to whatever he undertakes, including rooting for Stanford, for the ‘brothers’ of Alpha Delta Phi and its traditional jazz band, and for various professional bands in which I later worked, including those of Turk Murphy, Robbie Schlosser, Jim Cullum, Preservation Hall, and Clint Baker. Not to mention John’s proud years as a naval officer, his stellar career as a civil engineer, and his limitless dedication to a wonderful family.

And to jazz—in deftly demonstrating how to place a folded bill into the slit top of a battered coffee can which John has invariably passed around to tables full of loyal enthusiasts at one of the longest running gigs in jazz history: Friday nights featuring Clint Baker’s Jazz Band at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park, California. Unfailingly, as well: regularly sending reminders about Sunday afternoon appearances of the Foundation's own Scott Anthony, Pat Yankee and others at the beach town of Pacifica.

And—as Treasurer of the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation: a decades-long commitment at which John, who lacks an accounting background, toiled long and hard. Through it all, a native Midwestern humor and gregariousness permeate everything John does, such as singing Sundays in the choir of his local church. Foundation board member Margaret Pick best sums it up: "John is fiercely loyal and enormously big-hearted."