- Clint Baker

Clint Baker. Photo Credit: Anna Newman

Clint Baker is one of the few musicians to lead a traditional jazz band at the world-renowned Monterey Jazz Festival, joining the ranks of Louis Armstrong, Turk Murphy, and Jack Teagarden.

Clint Baker’s New Orleans Jazz Band also appeared at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 1992 and has toured festivals in the U.S. and Canada.

Clint Baker has been a bandleader since 1984, and he produced his first record album in 1991. Since then, he has produced seven recordings including "In The Groove," "Going Huge," and "Tears.”

The revival rolls on, ever-producing new musicians who will make a lifelong study of hot jazz, ensemble part-playing. Just as star performers regularly emerged from traditional jazz over the decades ... so the new century will have its creative luminaries. Californian multi-instrumentalist Clint Baker, a born jazz naturalist, is one such young, inventive player.

The Oxford Companion To Jazz: 'The New Orleans Revival' by Richard Hadlock

A multi-instrumentalist, Clint performs regularly with The Yerba Buena Stompers (tuba), The Delta Stompers (guitar/banjo), Hot Club of San Francisco (bass), The Cafe Borrone All-Stars (trumpet, trombone, drums, clarinet, guitar, etc.), The Reynolds Brothers Rhythm Rascals (clarinet, trombone, and bass), The Ray Skjelbred Quartet/Ray Skjelbred and His Cubs (bass), The Grand Dominion Jazz Band (trumpet) and Usonia Jazz (various).

Clint is also a noted jazz educator. He taught on staff with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band at the Stanford Jazz Workshop. He frequently guest lectures at San Mateo Community College and the Community School of Music and Arts at the Finn Center, and is currently an instructor at numerous adult jazz camps. He has been the Staff Archivist and Curator for the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation.