Hopkins Seaside Laboratory

The following chapters tell the history of Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, a summer school of science, nominally associated with Stanford University. With the financial support of Timothy Hopkins the seaside facility was established in 1892 on a treeless plateau in Pacific Grove, California. Braided through this history is the telling of America's first summer school of science, held at the nation's first seaside laboratory, on a small isolated island named Penikese, some 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. This first summer school of science, established by Harvard professor, Louis Agassiz, was attended by Stanford University's first president, David Starr Jordan. For Jordan, Agassiz served as a mentor, shaping the first presidents future as a renowned ichthyologist and the curriculum offered during the first decades of Stanford University.

Below photograph of two men standing with a Risso's dolphin, with Hopkins Seaside Laboratory seen in the distance.