Native Americans and the Railroad

Piute Indians At Reno. # 283, Photograph
Piute Squaws And Children At Reno. # 282, Photograph
Shoshone Indians Looking At Locomotive On Desert. # 323, Photograph
Shoshone Indians Ten Mile Canyon. # 342, Photograph
Indian Viewing R R From Top Of Palisades 435 Miles From Sacramento. # 340, Photograph

The contributions and responses of Native Americans to the building of the Transcontinental railroad have been the subject of an increasing amount of recent scholarly research. We provide a short list of resources to consult to learn more about these interactions in the building of the railroad and the complex and destructive impacts on these indigenous peoples. Importantly, a major symposium focusing on this topic will take place in Omaha, Nebraska, in September, 2019 titled Railroads in Native America: Reflections on the 150th Anniversary of Transcontinental Construction.


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Contemporary Resources