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Native Americans and the Railroad

The contributions and responses of Native Americans to the building of the Transcontinental railroad have been the subject of an increasing amount of recent scholarly research. We provide a short list of resources to consult to learn more about these interactions in the building of the railroad and the complex and destructive impacts on these indigenous peoples. Importantly, a major symposium focusing on this topic will take place in Omaha, Nebraska, in September, 2019 titled Railroads in Native America: Reflections on the 150th Anniversary of Transcontinental Construction.


  • Charlotte K. Sunseri and 夏洛特 · 桑瑟里. 2015. “Alliance Strategies in the Racialized Railroad Economies of the American West / 美国西部种族化的铁路经济中的结盟策略.” Historical Archaeology 49 (1): 85.
  • Sunseri, Charlotte K. 2017. “Capitalism as Nineteenth-Century Colonialism and Its Impacts on Native Californians.” Ethnohistory 64 (4): 471.


Contemporary Resources