Hints and Tips: The New Manuscript Viewing Window

Introduction to using the Mirador 3 Viewer in Parker 2.1

One of the major changes in Parker 2.1 is the incorporation of a new viewer that introduces a number of features that are of use in the examination of manuscripts. The Mirador Viewer, an open-source, web based, multi-window image viewing platform was developed with the ability to zoom, display, compare and annotate images from around the world. Through this viewer (and the technologies that lie beneath it), the images from the Parker collection can interoperate with other collections from libraries and museums that belong to the International Image Interoperability Framework community.

The new version of Mirador included with Parker 2.1 retains most of the features users have become accustomed to, but presents them either in new locations in the user interface, allows slightly different types of interactions, or in a few cases introduces new features for manuscript study. The short videos presented below provide guidance for users who are coming to this viewer for the first time or who might need a refresher for certain features.

A visual overview of the main settings for the Mirador viewer in Parker on the Web can be found here.

Navigating Within The Manuscript

This video covers the types of information contained in the navigation sidebar; navigating by table of contents, page, or thumbnail; and reading page-level annotations. (transcript)

A quick guide to the navigation options available in the sidebar can be found here.

Paging and Zooming

While the page-turning and deep zoom features remain available in Mirador 3, the page-level navigation tools have been consolidated and moved to a central location at the bottom of the viewer. This video describes the features and locations of the tools for navigation. (transcript)

Setting Viewing Modes and Thumbnails

Mirador 3 provides a highly configurable viewing experience. This video describes the layout features available in the new viewer. (transcript)

A handy reference guide for viewing modes and thumbnail options can be found here.

Sharing and Downloading

Among the new features, Mirador 3 now allows page downloads alongside other sharing tools. This video demonstrates the various options available for reusing Parker on the Web images. (transcript)

A quick visual guide to sharing and downloading options can be found here.

The Image Manipulation Tools

The image manipulation tools panel has been reimplemented in the newest version of Parker on the Web. This short video walks a user through the tools that are currently available for changing multiple image characteristics in the browser. (transcript)

Comparing Manuscripts

Finally, one of the features requested most often by Parker on the Web users is the ability to compare multiple folios or manuscripts side-by-side. The viewer in Parker 2.1 allows you to compare pages from a single manuscript, from multiple manuscripts in the Parker Library collection, or from manuscripts held in IIIF partner institutions around the world. This video demonstrates how to compare a manuscript from the Parker alongside a manuscript held at the British Library without ever leaving Parker on the Web. (transcript)