Records were first transferred to the SLAC Archives in 1988-1989 by Professor Panofsky from his office at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Later records (post-1984) maintained in Panofsky's office relating to his then-ongoing interest and participation in science policy, accelerator development and arms control were accessioned as they were transferred by Panofsky’s office staff. An accession of files from Panofsky’s office was transferred by the Archives staff in late 2007 and included vital documents mixed with what was in use at the time.

The Panofsky Papers were processed by Roxanne L. Nilan (who initiated the project and wrote the biographical note), Robin Chandler, Jean Marie Deken, Pennington Ahlstrand, Laura O’Hara, Jennifer McCann, Elizabeth Paris, and Dorothy Leung with assistance from Bryan Johnson, Irene Sanchez, Liam O’Hanlon, Erica Tsai, and Justin Li. Collection processing was supported in part by the Department of Energy contract DE-AC03-76SF00515 and by grants from the American Institute of Physics Center for the History of Physics.

We are grateful to Cathy Aster and the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) staff for providing Spotlight services and support to showcase samples from the Panofsky Papers on this exhibit site. Exhibit images and content were reviewed by SLAC Senior Archivist, Jean Marie Deken, who graciously contributed her time and expertise.