Mario Paci formal portrait

When Paci died in Shanghai on August 3, 1946, his unparalleled contributions to the development of classical music in China were widely recognized. The China Press, an English newspaper in Shanghai, wrote:

“There is no doubt that Maestro Paci had served this city well. To the Chinese community in particular, he did more than any other person in bringing Western music to the uncultivated ears of the populace. He was the source of inspiration to the many Chinese pupils who received training from him and later became well-known artists. To thousands of Chinese, he opened the doors to the immortal compositions of the greatest masters of all time.”

To Honor Paci by Grace T.

A former Chinese student, who signed her name Grace T., wrote to the paper the next day. Today, the great musical future that Paci hoped for China has arrived. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is still a leading orchestra in China and Asia, and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music is now a world-renowned music institution. Mario Paci’s legacy in China will be remembered forever.