A Touring Pianist (1902-1918)

In 1902, Mario Paci decided to resume his piano career. He traveled to the Dutch East Indies in 1902 for the first time and spent the next 16 years touring as a pianist throughout the world. During this period, he met his companion, soprano Elizabeth McKenzie and later his wife Sarah Hillen. Left to right: Mario Paci - Berlin, 1908; Amsterdam, 1909; and Frankfurt, 1911.

Trio Italiano 1902

Mario Paci was the pianist with this trio from Milan.

The cast of I vespri siciliani by Verdi

Elizabeth McKenzie as Floria (center) with Mario Paci on her right.

Mario in Batavia

In July 1902 Mario writes to his mother in Italy on the back of this photograph.

An all-Beethoven concert

On March 16, 1918 in Surabaya, Indonesia Paci performs an all Beethoven concert. The concert consists of the Moonlight, Waldstein, and Appassionata Sonatas, three major sonatas by Beethoven.