This exhibit was made possible through the generosity of Floria Paci Zaharoff and Alex Zaharoff, Mario Paci's daughter and grandson, who donated the Paci Collection to Stanford Libraries in 2011, without which none of this would have been possible. In 2016 Alex Zaharoff and Karen Krupnik provided funding for the Paci exhibit in January 2017 at Stanford, events related to the exhibit, and this online exhibit. We are also deeply indebted to the contributions of Fanghua Jiang, her enthusiasm for this project, and her assistance in contacting numerous friends and students of Mario Paci who made generous donations to fund the work of Stanford Libraries for this online exhibit. A complete list of the donors is provided below along with our best wishes and gratitude.

  • Mr. Alexander Zaharoff and Ms. Karen Krupnik
  • Ms. J. Serina Shi, Ms. Margot Song and Mr. Leo Luo
  • Ms. Fanghua Jiang, and Messrs. Anzi and Gerard DeBenedetto
  • Ms. Xiaoge Cai, and Messrs. Augustus and Raphael Cai
  • Ms. Peirong Yang-Lingenhag, and Messrs. Elias, Liam and Marcel Lingenhag
  • Tian Yin Shi
  • Ms. Shelley Xue Yang, and Mses. Summer and Claire Chen
  • Ms. Qiongwen Chen, and Mses. Jasmine and Olivia Sun, and Benevity
  • Ms. Claire Tung
  • Ms. Yinzhi Yuan