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Clark, Eve V.
Clark, Eve V.
Clark, Eve V. and Samra, Sukhi
Corporate Author:
Stanford Historical Society
Eve V. Clark, Richard W. Lyman Professor of Humanities and an internationally known linguist, reviews her life journey from the United Kingdom to the United States. Clark begins by discussing her childhood in Britain, emphasizing her relationship with her sister, and her early education. Clark recounts traveling with her family, reflecting particularly on her time in France and the impact that learning the French language at a young age has had on her. She then describes her time at the University of Edinburgh and her time studying abroad in Aux-en-Provence and Barcelona. Clark then discusses how her interest in linguistics developed, accrediting the year-long phonetics course she had previously completed and her decision to attend the Linguistics Institute at the University of California Los Angeles. Clark describes meeting her husband, Herb, completing her PhD, and coming to Stanford. Clark comments on her experience as an academic couple and on how she managed having a career and a family. Clark talks extensively about her research in language acquisition, describing past studies she has conducted and textbooks she has produced. She then details her work with undergraduates, the classes she has taught, and her time serving on multiple advisory boards. Clark then describes in more detail her time at Stanford, recounting how the Linguistics Department has evolved, the Loma Prieta earthquake, student discontent in the 1970s, the committees she had served on, and how being a woman has impacted her career, and her consciousness of the feminist movement. The interview concludes with Clark commenting on how Stanford can continue to cultivate a more hospitable environment for women and by reminiscing on how the students at Stanford, and their motivation and energy, has driven her decision to continue teaching at the university.
Eve V. Clark, Stanford Historical Society, oral histories, interviews, higher education, professors, pioneering women, Bing Nursery School, Language acquisition--children, Language acquisition--parent participation, Language acquisition--psychological aspects, John Lyon, psycholinguistics, Stanford University--faculty--gender equality, Stanford University--Department of Linguistics, universities and colleges--faculty, universities and colleges--research, and universities and colleges--administration
May 11, 2016 - May 13, 2016
Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program interviews, 1999-2012