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Stanford Pioneering Women I: A Conversation with Women Hired Between 1958 and 1975.
Stanford Pioneering Women I: A Conversation with Women Hired Between 1958 and 1975.
Herzenberg, Leonore A., Lewenstein, Marion, Maccoby, Eleanor E., Packer, Nancy H., and Babcock, Barbara
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Stanford Historical Society
The panelists describe how they came to work at Stanford, and the different family situations they each found themselves in when they began their careers. They discuss the lifetime of hard work and dedication necessary to be a woman paving the way for female representation in the academia. They shed light on the different atmospheres they experienced starting out in their respective fields, including prejudice against and indifference towards them as young women. The panelists go into great detail about the influence and importance of the rise of feminism to not only their own careers, but to the university and the academia in general. They discuss the evolution of issues such as tokenism, affirmative action, the sexual harassment “troubles” of the 1970s, and the interplay between the anti-war and civil rights movements and the feminist movement. The panelists look back to certain points in their careers where they feel being a woman gave them undue influence or promotion, and discuss the implications of this on the advancement of the feminist cause. Throughout, the panelists share richly drawn anecdotes and humorous personal stories that have stuck with them over the years, such as Herzenberg’s incredible account of dinners with scientists Erwin Schrodinger and Albert Einstein, and the overwhelmingly positive feminist reaction, and the subsequent reversal of it, to Maccoby’s The Psychology of Sex Differences. They reflect on what they have learnt and what they hope they have enabled the women they taught and the young girls of the future to achieve, adding jokingly that taking computer science or becoming an engineer is the best advice they can give. They discuss passionately the direction in which gender equality is moving across the board, from the technology and science industries, to English and psychology faculties in the academia.
Leonore A. Herzenberg, Marion Lewenstein, Eleanor E. Maccoby, Nancy H. Packer, Stanford Historical Society, oral histories, interviews, women faculty, salary, tenure, and pioneering women
August 22, 2014
Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program interviews, 1999-2012
Pioneering Women
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