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Turner, Paul Venable.
Turner, Paul Venable.
Turner, Paul Venable
Corporate Author:
Stanford Historical Society.
Paul V. Turner discusses early influences on his pursuit of architecture and how he became an architectural historian instead of a practicing architect, his research in Le Corbusier, his recollections of Lorenz Eitner, Al Elsen, John LaPlante and others, the evolution from the Department of Art and Architecture to the Department of Art and Art History, the challenges and accomplishments of the architecture program, his thoughts on Stanford's campus plan, his reflections on the Hanna House and Frank Lloyd Wright, and the challenges facing campus planning as the university continues to grow and expand physically, as well as academically.
Paul V. Turner, Stanford Historical Society, Oral histories, Interviews, Architecture, Art, and Art history
March 5, 2012
Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program interviews, 1999-2012