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Ehrlich, Paul R.
Ehrlich, Paul R.
Ehrlich, Paul R.
Corporate Author:
Hanawalt, Carla and Stanford Historical Society
Paul R. Ehrlich begins with his childhood interest in butterflies and the most important thing that shaped his academic interests, a summer with the Inuit Eskimos and working for the Canadian Northern Insect Survey. He discusses his early contacts during his college years that led to his decision to come to Stanford, including the importance of environmental and ecological aspects of biology. Throughout the interview, Ehrlich mentions numerous people and publications in his field over the years. In addition, he talks about the physical environment in the Stanford area as well as the academic environment, both of which influenced him to stay for his entire career. He also mentions numerous students who have stood out in his mind at Stanford. He includes the collaborative relationship with his wife, Anne Ehrlich, who worked with him on various projects and publications. In summary, Ehrlich details his experiences as a researcher at Stanford and his thoughts on how the intersections of academic disciplines serve to benefit the world.
Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford Historical Society, oral histories, interviews, Human Biology Program, Ecology and Evolution Group, The Population Bomb, GrowthBusters, and Anne Ehrlich
April 20, 2012
Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program interviews, 1999-2012