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Martin, Joanne.
Martin, Joanne.
Martin, Joanne and Tracy, Allison
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Stanford Historical Society
Joanne Martin begins her interview reflecting on her early life in Massachusetts, her family and her pre-college education. She recounts her formative experience at Smith College and her transition into a workforce that discriminated against women. She details working her way up to being a director at McBer & Company as well as the unfair wage gap she encountered at the company. Martin continues on to describe her journey towards earning her PhD in social psychology from Harvard and her dissertation on the topic of inequality. Martin then recalls her move to the Stanford Business School and delves into her research and teaching experiences. She speaks of the trailblazing women before her, including Myra Strober, Diane Middlebrook, Liz Cohen and Nan Keohane, and the time she spent as the only woman on the faculty in the Business School. She goes on to discuss the prejudice she faced while teaching, the discrimination related committees she was selected to serve on, and her work towards tenure. She notes how she balanced her teaching and research with her family and social life at Stanford. Martin describes her justice and inequality research and her shift into gender research, as well as her growing interest in organizational culture and its applications after mentoring Alan Wilkins, a PhD student. She also characterizes her approach to mentoring students and her outreach for increasing the population of minority students. Martin discusses her involvement with the Clayman Institute, formerly CROW, and the female faculty caucus. She speaks about her time on the Faculty Advisory Board and the tenure review process on campus at the time.
Joanne Martin, Stanford Historical Society, oral histories, interviews, pioneering women, women in sociology, and women in business
May 28, 2015
Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program interviews, 1999-2012
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