Urbano Monte, Map of the World, 1587; re-projected
Urbano Monte, Map of the World, 1587; re-projected

Welcome to Stanford's Map Libraries

We love maps. They are beautiful documents and rich primary sources. Maps can do much more than show you the locations of cities or countries. Like all things made by people—books, artworks, buildings—maps can give you insight into the culture that created them.

Our goal is to teach you to love maps as well. We've designed this website to help you think about maps in broad and interesting ways and to assist you in finding useful maps for your project.

Maps are ideally suited for NHD themes, and Stanford Libraries has a wide collection of maps, from around the world and from different time periods, for use in your NHD projects.

To help you develop your project, this website provides:

• NHD topic ideas

• Design ideas for your exhibit or website project

• Guides to reading & analyzing maps

• Help with finding useful maps

• Where to look for additional resources

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