Project Team

This project would not have been possible without the cooperation of our team of institutions, researchers, and consultants who have all contributed their time, energy, and expertise to the development of this collection.

Italian Partner

American Academy in Rome

Sebastian Hierl, Drue Heinz Librarian

Lavinia Ciuffa, Archivist and Acting Curator of the Photographic Archive

Giulia Ciccarello, Archeologist

Maria Sole Fabri, Art Historian

Joseph Pecora, Translator

Research Team

University of Oregon


James Tice, Professor of Architecture

Giovanni Svevo, Archaeologist and GIS Specialist

Dartmouth College


Nicola Camerlenghi, Assistant Professor of Art History

Research Assistant

Emma Demers, Research Assistant

Marcus Helble, Research Assistant

Stanford University


Erik Steiner, Co-Director, Spatial History Project, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA)

Research Assistants

Vincent Nicandro, Research Assistant, CESTA

Alessandro Hall, Research Assistant, CESTA

Stanford University Libraries

Ben Albritton, Accessioning Service Manager

Catherine Aster, Project Manager

Arcadia Falcone, Metadata Consultant

Hannah Frost, Digital Library Product and Service Manager

Consulting Institution

Studium Urbis

Allan Ceen, Director