Manuscript material

Leland Stanford Papers (SC0033A)

Includes correspondence about J.D.B. Stillman’s book The Horse in Motion and Muybridge’s copyright claim to the work.

Leland Stanford Collection (SC0512)

Primary and secondary sources pertaining to the life of Leland Stanford and the history of Stanford University's founding. Includes material on Muybridge’s work at Palo Alto Stock Farm and the invention of motion pictures.

David Starr Jordan Papers (SC0058)

Papers of Stanford University’s first president. Includes correspondence with Muybridge.

Research concerning Eadweard Muybridge (M0736)

Miles, a professor of experimental psychology at Stanford University, endeavored to memorialize Muybridge's work by establishing a permanent exhibit at the Stanford Museum and correspondingly hosting a 50th anniversary event. The collection includes correspondence about Muybridge; material about the Semi-Centennial Celebration and the invention of moving pictures; ephemera and published articles about Muybridge; and photographs and negatives, including those used by Miles in his articles and publications about Muybridge.