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Manuscript leaf with commentary by Bede.

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Alternate Title:
This text (28:16-26) has the better part of the description of the garments of the priests contained in the verses of Exodus 28. It is written in a large textura hand, each sentence or lengthy phrase beginning with a red or blue capital. The Biblical text is presented in a single, narrow column just under 2" wide. To its left and right is the extensive commentary of Bede (ca. 672-735), the Anglo-Saxon Benedictine scholar and theologian. The commentary is written in a smaller textura hand. There is additional inter-linear commentary within the column of Bible text in an even smaller hand.
Commentaries and Decoration and ornament, Medieval
The Venerable, Saint, Bede, 673-735 and Bible O.T. Exodus
Physical Description:
1 leaf, on vellum. 32x20.8 cm. Matted.
Publication Info:
cau and France
circa 1175