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Douglas Menuez Photography Collection At the Stanford Libraries

Apple Computer, Inc. 946 items

The now mythical history of Apple Computer began with the release of Steve Wozniak's Apple I in 1976. The company went public in 1980 following the release of the Apple III. The early 1980s saw a variety of growing pains which the company addressed by hiring Pepsi Cola's John Sculley as CEO. In 1985 Apple laid off nearly one fifth of its work force in 1985. Also during this time Sculley and Microsoft's Bill Gates became embroiled in a debate over the introduction of Windows 1.0, which had many similarities to the Mac GUI. By the time Doug Menuez came to Apple in 1990, the company had secured its niche market and once again become profitable. More than 9,000 people worldwide were on the Apple payroll.

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