The Martin Wong Catalogue Raisonné is a collaboration between Stanford Libraries, Stanford’s Asian American Art Initiative, and the Martin Wong Foundation. The project’s editorial team includes Anneliis Beadnell, Mark Dean Johnson, D. Vanessa Kam, Marci Kwon, and Gary Ware. Other key team members at Stanford include Catherine Aster—whose enthusiasm, tirelessness and commitment to the project were outstanding, Gary Geisler and Arcadia Falcone—whose expertise and engagement were tantamount to the project’s success, Aleesa Alexander, Hannah Frost, Michael Keller, Tom Cramer, Matt Marostica, María Matienzo, and Christina Shen. At the Martin Wong Foundation, Peter Broda and Bob Chu merit special mention, along with Gary Ware, Georgie and Adrianna Fie, Mel and Sylvia Moe, Mike and Judy Moe, Maria Teresa Rode, and Karen Young. Foundational support has been provided by Penny Pilkington and Wendy Olsoff at P.P.O.W, the artist’s primary gallery in New York. We also want to recognize the involvement of Galerie Buchholz in Germany and Anglim Trimble Gallery in San Francisco. We would also like to thank Marvin Taylor and Nicholas Martin at Fales Library and Special Collections at New York University and Jeff Gunderson at the Anne Bremer Library at San Francisco Art Institute, along with the many institutions that provided imagery of Wong’s work.

We extend our most sincere thanks to the brilliant essayists whose insights enhance this publication, including Solomon Adler, Doryun Chong, Margo Machida, and Louise Siddons, and to copy editor and consultant Tom Fredrickson and proofreader Nancy Adams. We deeply appreciate the involvement of artists, friends, and collaborators, including Charlie Ahearn, Debra “Beaver” Bauer, Barry Blinderman, Greg Cruikshank, Jeffrey Deitch, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Dorothy Haynes-Griffin, KAWS, and Carlo McCormick. Finally, we want to gratefully acknowledge those collectors whose works by Martin Wong are reproduced here and the many people who granted interviews or provided all manner of other assistance.

The Editors