University of Cape Town Map Collection

The University of Cape Town, South Africa Library holds large collection of over 500 maps of the continent and region. The maps fall primarily into three groups - South Africa street plans, maps of Africa, and city plans. The collection was scanned with the support of the William and Yvonne Jacobson Digital Africana Program. This program funds collaborative work between the libraries at the University of Cape Town and Stanford Libraries allowing the universities to share cartographic resources for the benefit of both campuses.

South Africa Street and City Plans

The South Africa street plans collection includes 41 maps. The city plans are held by the African Studies department and the Manuscripts Department, specifically in the Talbot Collections. The collection include highly detailed plans of Cape Town as well as maps of cities throughout the Western Cape, some of which are manuscript or hand-notated.

Africana Historical Maps

The Africana historical maps includes 262 items. The collection includes maps of the entire continent as well as regional maps, many focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Military Maps

The military map collection includes 199 items. This collection primarily contains maps of the Second South African War (a.k.a the Anglo-Boer War), 1899 - 1902, between the British government and the Boer Republic. Most of the maps were created by the Field Intelligence Department of the Army in Great Britain.