Working Meeting design

The Working Meeting was initially intended to be an in-person meeting to both allow for the development of chapters for The Lighting the Way Handbook, as well as to develop a generalized “statement of principles” to support archival discovery and delivery. Based on feedback from participants in the February 2020 Forum, the project team restructured the Working Meeting to be fully virtual in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to focus on smaller groups for collaboration, rather than having solely larger plenary sessions. The project team also chose to change the structure of the Working Meeting to be organized in multiple sessions spread across six weeks, rather than a set of back to back sessions.

Like the Forum, the Working Meeting used a variety of facilitation methods drawn from Liberating Structures and supplemental sources. The structure of the sessions was further informed by the adoption of strategy knotworking, a refinement and application of Liberating Structures that applies its methods and structure to inform strategic planning through an iterative exploration of six areas of focus expressed as questions. Each session focused one or two of these six questions through the use of the facilitated activities, and facilitators were given some discretion to adapt sessions as needed for each group. Participants were also encouraged to self-organize their work or additional meetings to complete their written contributions for the Handbook.