Follow-on activities

Based on feedback from project participants and advisors, Lighting the Way created a series of follow-on activities beginning in early 2022 to continue the work over the last two years. These activities build on the recommendations developed by the project team.

  • Creation of new communities of practice: We intended to create communities of practice to support and further the work we have undertaken on the project. This has lead to the creation of the Digital Library Federation's Technology Strategy for Archives Working Group, or TS4A. The group had its first virtual kick-off meeting in June 2022, and will be followed by an in-person kick-off meeting at the October 2022 DLF Forum in Baltimore, MD.
  • Workshops on generative facilitation: The project team and event facilitators gained substantial experience with generative facilitation methods like Liberating Structures during the project. In 2022, we hosted two such workshops: one at Code4lib 2022 in May, and the other at the Society of American Archivists annual meeting in August.

In addition to these projects, several Lighting the Way Working Meeting participants have furthered their efforts through additional publications or grant-funded projects. If you were are a participant and would like your project listed here, please contact us using the feedback form at the top of the page.