This exhibit demonstrates the ways in which Stanford Libraries currently supports full text search for qualified items without the need for additional customization -- in this instance, via Spotlight at Stanford -- searching across exhibit items and searching within exhibit items.

A video tutorial demonstrating full-text search is available; please check it out:

The books included in this exhibit were digitized, OCR'd, and accessioned into the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) by the Stanford Libraries' Digital Production Group in Spring/Summer 2018, using automated processing software called "Goobi."

Text-based content already in the SDR may not be able to leverage full text or content search at this time. Files may require remediation; the extent and type of remediation required is being assessed.

This demonstration exhibit was created to facilitate user interviews that were conducted during the 2018/19 academic year, to help uncover new use cases for full text search.

This exhibit contains a small sub-set of the digitized Jarndyce 19th Century Novel Collection at Stanford Libraries.

Carmen's messenger
Gotty and the guv'nor
The woman of orchids
When we two parted