About this Exhibit and Catalog

James E. Allen is well known to print collectors, but his fame as an artist has varied as as artistic styles changed and new generations periodically rediscover his works. The last such revival was in 1984, when a major exhibit of Allen's prints was shown at the Mary Ryan Gallery in New York. With 91 prints from the artist's estate, it was believed to be nearly a complete representation of his prints. A fuller account is overdue, one that includes all his prints, some of which can be identified but did not survive.

As an illustrator, Allen claims to have produced 2-3000 oil paintings. He contributed illustrations to books and stories in magazines of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Little of this work has survived. Some likely served their purpose and were discarded, or were kept by publishers, fate unknown. We know Allen considered these works separate from his "fine art" and destroyed much of what remained in his studio late in life. Hopefully treasures are yet hidden in private collections. Fortunately numerous images of this work can be found in printed books and serials.

This site is an ongoing effort to create a catalog raisonné of Allen's work. It includes some 130 prints and more than 750 illustrations for 274 books and serials. Yet it is incomplete -- there are works with no image, stories yet to be found, etc. Along with the catalog, this exhibit offers articles that we hope will enhance the apreciation of the works of James E. Allen, to raise awareness of Allen's legacy as an artist and help identify more of his work.